Principal's Message

esDuring the last few years, the world has seen more advancement in the field of Education, mankind has never witnessed in the past. So that after having large basic infrastructure, there is an urgent need to move the country towards modernization and benchmarking with the world class quality. We at ESEC provide quality education to our students and prepare them as responsible citizen of India at first and future managers, educationist, professionals, scientists, administrators, Bankers of our country.


I extend my best wishes to you with confidence that you will find yourself in an invigorating environment where learning is a continuous and a pleasant process. It is the primary aim of everybody associated with ESEC to provide each and every student with an opportunity to fulfill his or her potential while studying for a highly recognized qualification. We do this by providing you with state-of-the-art facilities at our campus. Given the size and rapid growth of the business sector in India, we feel that this is an opportune time for those of you who want to make a career in these sectors to equip yourself with the necessary skills, knowledge and an internationally recognized qualification.


I wish you all the best for a very enlightening and fruitful sojourn at ESEC and hope that it will cultivate in a fulfilling career for each of you.



Dr.K.Indira Phd